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WSTC Announces Club Trip Calendar

Fri, Aug  27, 2004

Hope you've had a good summer!  With leaves already falling, it's time to think of SKIING! We're working on the Washtenaw Ski Touring Club Trip Calendar for next season and have tentatively scheduled the following trips for 2005:

  • 1/14-1/17:  Saulte Ste. Marie, Ont (w/ RT bus transportation; 3 nights lodging at Water Tower Inn; 3 breakfasts, 2 dinners, 1 lunch)
  • 1/21-1/23:  Wolverine (cabins)
  • 1/28-1/30:  Black Mountain (motel)
  • 2/4-2/6:  Bellaire (condos) "White Pine Stampede"
  • 2/11-2/13:  Roscommon DNR Lodge (joint with AA Ski Club)

You must be a member of WSTC in order to participate in one of the trips.

Below are some optional trips which could also be included on the calendar if there is sufficient interest from WSTC (and MDSC affiliated) club members. If you'd like to see any of these optional trips included on the WSTC Trip Calendar, please let me know by email no later than Tuesday, September 7. In the case of Quebec City, please indicate date(s)/number of nights you would prefer (in order of priority). This does not commit you in any way to any trip, but it will help us determine interest.   Note that 20 participants minimum is required for us to offer the Quebec City Trip at the quoted price from the provider, SkiCan Ltd.

OPTIONAL TRIPS for your consideration:

1. New Year's Glide 12/27/04- 1/1/05: Marquette, Michigan (5 nights)

  • Leaders:  Diane Scarpace & Dan Cutler.
  • Cost:  appox. $315 / person/double occupancy in Ramada Inn (Includes 5 nights; 4 dinners; 5 breakfasts; New Year's party; no transportation or trail fees).
  • Notes:  Snow conditions vary from year to year, but there is almost always some skiable snow. Well-established trip with great accommodations, variety of ski trails and alternative activities in/out of town.

2.  New Year's Glide 12/27/04- 1/1/05:   Saulte Ste. Marie, Ontario (5 nights)

  • Leader:  TBD
  • Cost:  approx. $160 - 200 / person / double occupancy in Glenview Cabins or houses rented in Goulais River area; Group-cooked meals in or eat dinner out. (Includes 5 nights lodging; no meals, transportation or trail fees).
  • Notes:  Snow conditions vary from year to year (may even include marginal skiable snow, some sleet or rain). Ski at Stokely Creek or Hiawatha ("Star") trails.

3.  New Year's Glide 12/28/04- 1/1/05:  Quebec City, Quebec  (5 nights)

  • Leader: TBD
  • Cost:  $635.00 / person / double occupancy (details below)

4.  New Year's Glide 12/27/04- 1/1/05:  Quebec City, Quebec  (6 nights)

  • Cost:  $680.00 / person /  double occupancy (details below)

5.    Weekend 2/25 - 2/27/05:  Traverse City, Michigan  (2 nights)

  • Leader: TBD
  • Cost:  approx. $65 - 80 / person / double occupancy in local motel; eat out  (includes 2 nights lodging, no meals).
  • Notes:  Skiable Snow likely.  Ski at Vasa, Sand Lakes Quiet Area or in Leelanau Peninsula.

6.  Extended Trip 2/26 - 3/05/05:  Quebec City, Quebec (6 nights)

  • Cost:  $565.00 / person / double occupancy (details below)

7.  Extended Trip 3/2 - 3/08/05:  Quebec City, Quebec (7 nights)

  • Cost:  $605.00 / person / double occupancy (details below)

Quebec City Trip Notes:

  • A first for WSTC.  Proposal was made to the Club by SkiCan Ltd., a well established provider.  Price is exceptional value and includes: Round trip flight from Detroit via Air Canada and RT airport shuttle to hotel; lodging in 4-star Manoir Victoria Hotel; all taxes; NO meals, trail fees or transportation to trailheads. RT Transportation to trailheads may cost additional $30/person/day if public shuttle system not available as in past.
  • Snow and weather:  Skiable snow most likely for all dates. December: Festive city lights and activities; higher costs; exceptionally cold. Late February/early March: Longer days; lower costs; milder temperatures).

    Quebec City area is said to have some of the finest xc skiing in North America and is close to 3 major xc ski areas: Mont Sainte Anne; Camp Mercier which is in one of the Wildlife Reserves in the Laurentians, approximately 30 miles from Quebec City; and Le Refuge which is also in one of the Wildlife Reserves of the Laurentians in the village of St-Adolphe 18 miles from Quebec City.  For further information, please see the following websites: (Mont Sainte Anne) and (Camp Mercier).

With regard to snow conditions and temperatures, here are comments by two WSTC'ers:

"Here is my experience approx 8yrs ago.   Out of 5 days, only 3 days were skiable.  Two days all facilities were closed due to high winds and extreme cold temps.  We were there during the New Year holidays.  The city was wonderful,  very festive and very very cold."  (Eva Forman)

"I have skiied St. Anne's over the christmas period and it was terribly cold.  Need to remember that.  But it wonderful skiing and nothing like it, except for perhaps Telemark in Wisconsin."  (Mike Oliver)

For more information, contact Carol Hohnke at (remove "NOSPAM" from the address before sending).