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OPA Race Champion: USA's Taz Mannix

Mon, Feb  19, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Check it out inside...

Planica, Slovenia is where the OPA races were this weekend.  Planica is a one horse town just a couple of kilometers from the Italian border.  The town is best known for their ski flying jump.  But, the tourism is really a booming business due to the beautiful Julian Alps that crown the valleys.

Taz podium.jpg

Taz on top of the podium from the 15km mass start free.


Taz leading.jpg

Taz leading up the last hill of the skate leg today.  She skied a smart gutsy race.  Having led the race last weekend she felt more comfortable swapping leads with the other racers this weekend.  It was a spectacular finish.  Italy 3rd, France 2nd,  USA 1st!

Taz and liz leading opa.jpg

This picture is of the Pursuit OPA from Oberstdorf.  Taz and Liz with the leaders on the last couple of hills.  These CC Team girls are mixing it up on the OPA circuit.  It is really fun.


Some pics from the road...

Planica skiing.jpg

 Matt skiing on the race trails for the weekend.  The snow is good here although it hasn't snowed for a long time.  It is still some of the best skiing that we've had in Europe this far.


Leif tarvisio.jpg

Leif doing as easy distance ski in Tarvisio.

On the back side of the Planica mountain you will find Tarvisio, Italy.  The site of World Junior and U23 Championships this March.  We will ski here as much as we can before the championships in order to get to know the courses.

Tarvisio bridge.jpg

 World Junior and U23 Skiers...  Start getting ready.  This picture of Morgan skiing in tarvisio last week should pump you up.  Just picture skiing over that during the championships...

Keep up the great work and stay focused.  'Cause it is about to be on!

All in!

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