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Team Priority Health hosts XC Ski clinic Saturday Oct 20

Mon, Oct  15, 2012 - By Jon Morgan

TEAM PRIORITY HEALTH skiers Jon Morgan and Dan Yankus will host a Nordic XC Ski clinic October 20 at 2:30pm in the Possum Hollow Picnic Shelter at Kensington Metro Park. Target audience are bike racers (the MBRA) and runners/triathletes, but anyone is welcome. The goal is to increase interest in the fantastic sport of Nordic skiing for athletes from other sports seeking winter or x-training activities, and to promote the excellent Michigan Cup Nordic Ski racing circuit. The basic agenda is below:

  1. XC Basics
  2. Training – Dry Land and on-snow
  3. Equipment
  4. Racing Prep
  5. Teams
  6. Brief Dry Land Demo
  7. Questions
  8. Next steps / second clinic

If time allows, we’ll demonstrate some brief dry-land training and technique.