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Former MI Cup Racers Now With US Ski Team

Sat, Feb  24, 2007 - By Aaron Saari

Aaron Saari is the Physical Therapist for the US Ski Team. Originally from White Pine, MI in the UP near the Porcupine Mountains, he was introduced to cross country skiing by Natalie Natalie. He competed in several races with the Dawson family before eventually moving west.

Aaron got a job as Physical Therapist for the US Ski Team because he knew how to cross country ski!

Right now is very busy. We are at the World Championships in Sapporo, Japan. One of our sprinters placed 5th which is the best finish for a US sprinter at any major championship. The great thing is, the guy knows he can do better. 

These guys are so, so fast.  It is amazing to watch this stuff in person. Television does not give one a good grasp on the power and speed they have.  It is absolutely phenomenal.  I can't even hang with these guys for 1 second...Watch out for Andy Newell at the 2010 Olympics. 

We've got another week of various races.  I've been giving massages all morning, afternoon and night.  I've even done massages between sprint heats trying to keep the athletes limber and pain free. 

I'll talk more later when I've got some more time.  Take care.