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Three more juniors qualify for Nationals

Thu, Jan  31, 2013 - By Mike Muha

With the completion of the Junior Noque freestyle and classic Junior National Qualifier races, 3 more Great Lakes Division (GLD) juniors have qualified for the 2013 Junior Nationals at the Jim Whisenhant Ski Trails at Birch Hill Recreation Area in Fairbanks, Alaska in March. Five skiers had qualifed pre-Noque.

In addition, 11 skiers have qualified to compete amongst their peers at the 2013 TD Bank J2 Championships at the Holderness School in Plymouth, NH on March 8-10, 2013.

The complete Great Lakes Division Points List (PDF) show the following skiers who have met the criteria to race at Junior Nationals:


JN - qualifed for Junior Nationals
J2 - qualified for J2 Championships

Female J2

  • Erin Lipp (J2/JN), Traverse City Central
  • Bethnay Wright (J2/JN), Superiorland Ski Club
  • Carly Bulleit (J2/JN), Copper Country Ski Tigers
  • Rebecca Lyle (J2), Copper Country Ski Tigers
  • Katie Todd (J2), Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team

Female OJ/J1

  • Felicia Geisor (JN), Northenn Michigan University
  • Hannah Boyer (JN), Northenn Michigan University
  • Megan Edic (JN), Northenn Michigan University
  • Ruth Oppliger (JN), Copper Country Ski Tigers
  • Sarah Lyle (JN),  Copper Country Ski Tigers
  • Evelyn Delong (JN), Copper Country Ski Tigers
  • Isabel Sharp (JN), Copper Country Ski Tigers

Male J2

  • Issac Stone (J2/JN), Copper Country Ski Tigers
  • Ben Wright (J2/JN), Superiorland Ski Club
  • Ian Durand (J2/JN), Vasa Ski Club
  • Clay Darling (J2/JN), Traverse City Central
  • David Jaszcak (J2/JN), Copper Country Ski Tigers
  • Spencer Todd (J2), Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team

Male OJ/J1

  • Kyle Bratrud (JN), Northenn Michigan University
  • Kyle Hanson (JN), Michigan Technological University
  • Sam Elfstron (JN), Northenn Michigan University
  • Isaac Lammers (JN), Northenn Michigan University
  • Same Holmes (JN), Michigan Technological University
  • Andrew Burning (JN), Traverse City Central
  • Hendrick Haataja (JN), Copper Country Ski Tigers
  • Blake Murray (JN), Superiorland Ski Club