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XC Ski Clinic at Huron Meadows this Saturday

Tue, Feb  12, 2013 - By Jon Morgan

The Basics

Members of Team Priority Health XC Ski Team / Team NordicSkiRacer will host a Cross Country Ski clinic on Saturday, February 16 at the Huron Meadows Metropark facility near Brighton, Michigan from 9-11am. Throughout the XC race season and during the summer we’ve talked to a lot of riders, runners, triathletes, and folks just wanting to get out and enjoy the winter and XC skiing – many have asked for some basic instruction and advice on equipment and ski technique.  There are races at Forbush and Hansen this weekend, but many of us are resting before the Worldloppet race next week…the Birkie, so this is the perfect chance to do some “active rest skiing”, enjoy a winter day, and do some coaching/teaching.  Everyone is welcome…Huron rents skate and classic equipment (new and nice!) and we will teach/coach on both.


Huron Meadows has been making snow all year.  The staff, snow makers and groomers are aware of the clinic and have committed to do the best they can to prep the manmade loop for us…the forecast is actually very good this week with below freezing nights when they can make snow and prep the course. The manmade Buck’s Run is a great place to teach and learn – sheltered, flat with some grades, and short, so very good for looping/practice… don’t be surprised how they can maintain snow even with bad/warm weather – we’ve skied through the whole season almost without a day off of snow!

Clinic Format

9:00-9:30  Rent equipment at Clubhouse / warm up on trailhead to Buck’s Run (right outside the door)

9:30-9:45 Everyone meet at start of Buck’s Run loop…brief demo of skate, classic, classic waxing, some clothing discussion

9:45-11:00 One on One coaching classic or skating technique

11:00- ?    Enjoy the day…the clubhouse is open, there’s a warm fire, food…and a forecast for snow!  We can also help direct people to ski shops that sell quality equipment.

What you need to do:

  1. For beginners/new: Dress in something like running clothes with a really warm layer on top to get warmed-up…then peel.  Bring gloves, medium weight socks, dry clothes for afterward!
  2. Tell me via email yes or no ( so I can adjust the number of trainers/coaches (this is casual, don’t worry)
  3. $5 / car for park entry
  4. $5 per skier for Buck’s Run manmade snow course
  5. Rentals are about $15 for new, nice equipment.
  7. Send this to anyone you can think of that may be interested. Facebook it!

Getting There

Google it or Mapquest…Huron Meadows is just south of Brighton, Mi…about 1.5 hours from Grand Rapids, 20 minutes from Ann Arbor…