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Team NordicSkiRacer 10th Anniversary Pool and Hot Tub Party

Fri, Aug  23, 2013 - By Greg Worrel

Team NordicSkiRacer was started 10 years ago in the fall of 2003. To celebrate (not that we really need an excuse), we are having a pool and hot tub party on Saturday August 31st at 3pm at Greg Worrel's house.

Come to swim, soak in the hot tub, enjoy the award winning (in my own mind) garden, drink, eat, and talk about summer training gone awry. Or talk about your plans to dominate your age group in the Michigan Cup races. Funny thing is, unlike most places you could be that day, at an NSR party you will actually find people who want to hear about it.

Team NordicSkiRacerFrank Nizio has promised to bring several cases of Bud Light. The house wine racks are well stocked and need thinning. The pool will be heated and the hot tub will be very well heated. Bring your kids. They will enjoy the pool and the diving rock. Nordic skiing will be on the big screen in the basement home theater.

Bring something for the grill. Bring a dish to pass. Or just show up. I will have some sirloin burgers and some salmon for anyone too busy training to make it to the grocery store. I'll also provide some shrimp and cocktail sauce. And one of those vegetable assortment dipping trays from Costco because we all need to eat more vegetables, even if it is a party.

If you're still on the fence and need another reason to celebrate, Mike Muha's birthday is August 21st. We will be 10 days late, but close enough for Mike. So come help Mike celebrate his birthday and the 10 year anniversary of Team NordicSkiRacer!

Where the fun is:

In the beautiful, historical community of Old Redford, home of the Redford Theater, which is just around the block. The address is 17722 Cooley, Detroit, 48219. Not too far from Telegraph and Grand River. Come and see that Detroit is not all burned out houses. If you're lucky though, you might pass a few on your way, so bring your camera. Just

Any questions, send an email, call or text. Phone number 248-787-5935. If you want to reply all with what you are bringing, we can avoid the embarrassment of duplicate flaming cherries jubilee, or whatever's hot these days. I hate when that happens.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Greg Worrel