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Good Snow Forecast for Black Mountain Classic

Wed, Feb  28, 2007 - By Denny Paull

The race organizers and volunteers are finishing preparations for the 4th annual Black Mountain Nordic Classic on Saturday March 3rd.

The signs were placed last night and the course was studied with a GPS. We found that the actual distance is slightly less than 32 km hence those final km's that seemed to go on forever in past races might not have been your imagination!

There is an excellent, hard base with some powder over the top right now. We will work on the course all week with final grooming to occur after our forecasted "big" snow on Thursday and Friday. We should have an excellent race!

Again, it would be greatly appreciated if those planning on attending the 10k tour or the 32 km race would send an e-mail to As a final incentive, every tour/racer will receive a nice full color t-shirt and lunch. If we run short of shirts, we will re-order and send you one. As of now our numbers look very good.

Denny Paull
Race director

P.S. Hammer Nutrition is now sponsoring the race. Their will be handouts for racers plus HEED at aid stations. Thanks Hammer!