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World Champs Pics

FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

Thu, Mar  1, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg -

Some pics from Worlds...

Some World Championship pics...  In no particular order.

Bird lead pack pursuit.jpg

Bird in the lead pack during the pursuit.

Feed zone.jpg

Pete getting Kikkan a feed...


The skiing reminds me of skiing through New England trees.


James pursuit.jpg

James in the Pursuit.


Kikkan downhill pursuit.jpg

The downhills are really technical.  High speed, spectacular falls and crazy corners.


Kikkan exchange.jpg

Kikkan at the exchange during the pursuit.


Kikkan pursuit.jpg

Kikkan trying to hold her own against the best in the world.


Konrad skate.jpg

Sarah Konrad getting to the high point of the course.


Lars sprint.jpg

Lars skiing the sprint course in Japan.


LV sprint rounds.jpg

Laura battling with Austria in the quarterfinals of the sprints.  24th place


LW skate.jpg

Weiero hitting it hard through the bamboo forest.  Yup, that's bamboo in the foreground.


New hairies.jpg

We all thought that this was really funny as a prototype hairies ski.  We all had huffed a lot of flouro carbons too.


Night sprint dome.jpg

Night sprints at the Sapporo Dome.


Sea of pursuit.jpg

Sea of Pursuit


Top four women pursuit.jpg

Top four in the ladies pursuit.  Evi Sachenbacher (4), Kristin Steira-Stoermer(3), Katernina Neumannova(2), Olga Savialova(1) from left to right...


Torin sprint.jpg

Torin in the quarterfinals.



There are about fifty people doing this job on the way into the venue.  It seems like they love their job.

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