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NordicSkiRacer Maintains Narrow Lead in MI Cup Team Competition

Michigan Cup

Thu, Mar  1, 2007 - By Ken Dawson

The gap narrows but NSR keeps a slim lead over CCSH. Leading into the last 2 weeks looks like it will come down to wire at the relays.

Elliot Putman and Hannah Ciesla still lead the Junior Division. NordicSkiRacer Emily Flynn has moved up two places to take the lead among Senior Women. Emily's teammate Steve Kuhl maintains a narrow lead over several other skiers in Senior Men's division.

Special note to junior skiers, if you don’t see any points for senior level races it is because you cannot score points as a junior and a senior.  Where that does occur, I put you in the category that scored the most points.

Sprint races were revised and all changes sent to me were updated. Here are the revised individual standings (PDF) as of February 28, 2007

Still some hot racing left!


Team Standings:

  • Team – 23,679
  • Cross Country Ski Headquarters – 23,082
  • Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team – 18,574
  • Strait Striders – 17,954
  • Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop – 17,527
  • Traverse Nordic Ski Club – 16,226