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Michigan State High School Championships results

Tue, Feb  18, 2014 - By Mike Muha

The Michigan High School Championships were held on the Vasa Ski Trail in Traverse City, Michigan this past Friday and Saturday, February 14 and 15. Friday was the classic sprint, while skiers raced a pursuit on Saturday.

In the Sprint race, Abby Potts (Marquette High School) was first for the girls, followed by Erin Lipp (Traverse City Central) and Sarah Goble (Team NordicSkiRacer/Lake Michigan Team). For the boys, the Upper Peninsula swept the podium: Ski Tiger David Jaszczak was first, followed  by Benjamin Wright and Mike Wiitala, both of Marquette High School.

In Saturday's pursuit, Sarah Goble took first overall, finishing 4th in the classic leg in 20:22.9 and 1st in the freestyle leg (17:39.6) for a winning time of 38:02.5. Abby Potts finished 2nd in both the classic and freestyle legs (19:46.5 and 18:24.3) for a combined time of 38:10.8. In third was Heidi Schwab of the Vasa Ski Club. Schwab won the classic leg (38:14.2), was 3rd in the freestyle (18:40.3), and had an overall time of 18:40.3.

The Copper Country Ski Tigers took all three of the top spots in the boys pursuit. First overall, with a combined time of 32:34.6, was Isaac Stone. Stone won the classic leg in 16:45.6 and placed 4th in the freestyle (15:49.0). Second overall was David Jaszczak, 6th in the classic (17:19.0) but first in the freestyle (15:19.1) for a combined time of 32:38.1. Mitchell DeLong took 3rd in both classic and freestyle legs (17:03.0 and 15:44.9) for third overall with a combined time of 32:47.9.

In the team standings, the Ski Tigers finished first overall, with 374 points. Marquette High School was second with 316 points, and Traverse City Central taking third with 242 points (see the table below).

See 2014 Michigan High School Championship Results (PDF) for detailed race and team results.

Team Girls Point Girls Rank Boys Points Boys Rank Total Rank
Ski Tigers 147 3 227 1 374 1
Marquette HS 154 2 162 2 316 2
TC Central HS 156 1 86 4 242 3
VASA Ski Club 104 4 95 3 199 4
Lake Mi Team 61 5 34 6 95 5
TC St Francis 23 6 24 7 47 6
TC West HS 5 7 37 5 42 7
Unattatched 0 8 1 8 1 8