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Dave Forbush Memorial on June 1

Mon, May  19, 2014 - By Mario Kennedy

Dear Friends

It remains hard to believe and difficult to accept that the passing of our wonderful friend Dave occurred just a few weeks ago. As a follow up to the original notice, we have finalized the plans for Dave’s memorial and celebration of life on June 1st. The following is a summary of the events that are planned.

12:00 pm Gather at the ski shop for socializing and provided refreshments.

12:30 Walk up the ski trail in a procession format to the location where Dave selected to have his ashes placed. We will have a non-denominational service at the site led by Terry Dickenson. This will include poetry, music, reflections and memories and all who attend are welcome to contribute.

We will than return back to the ski shop and pass by the location where one of the sections of ski trail will be renamed and a new sign unveiled in honor and memory of Dave.

Once returning to the ski shop, we will have some provided appetizers and refreshments.

Just a few notes:

  1. The procession will be led by a John Deere “A” tractor. This tractor was originally produced in the 1930s. Dave has owned it for many years, but had it refurbished just 1 year ago. It was his favorite and he was able to have some time to enjoy it.
  2. The walk from the ski shop to the site is about 1 mile. The tractor will pull a trailer and provide a ride for those who choose not to walk. If you think you would like to ride, please let me know:
  3. If you have any digital or hard copy pictures you would like to share with us, please send them to Ginnis or bring them with you to the event. She is arranging for a slide show and a bill board:
  4. There will be a large tent set up at the site in case of inclement weather. There will also be a PA system in case it is windy and/or we have a large crowd. If you are planning on signing a song and/or playing a musical instrument, please let me know so your needs can be accommodated:
  5. For those who would like to make a weekend out of our celebration of Dave’s life, there is a paddle that is being planned for Saturday, May 31 on the Manistee River. The put-in will be off of CO 612, last about 2.5 hours and end just north of M72 with a short gathering at a private home on the river. This was one of Dave’s favorite things to do, but only after the trail maintenance projects were reasonably caught up. If you wish to participate, please let me know:

We at Forbush Corner are looking to this event as a means of respect, remembrance, fostering relationships and as a means of closure. We are also looking forward to moving on. Charged with renewed enthusiasm, our goal is to continue with Dave’s vision of making Forbush Corner a place where like-mined people will want to come to enjoy each other’s company and the simple but intense magic of winter.