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Part of Kensington Metropark bike path closed June 23-27

Sat, Jun  21, 2014 - By Mike Muha

The Kensington Metropark Hike Bike Trail between the overflow lot across from the Farm Center and Route 4 (the entrance to the Playfield/Possum Hollow parking area), will be closed for repaving June 23 through June 27. That section has some large gaps across the pavement that made rollerskiing uncomfortable, especically for small-diameter wheeled rollerskis. This is a welcome closure!

The section includes the steep V1 climb up to the top of the Possum Hill entrance.

Kensington is nearly complete with the repaving of the entrance road into the park off Kent Lake Road as well. This road was a mess: pot holes, cracks, bumps. They have added a paved shoulder that matches the rest of the park roads. This is a welcome improvement for bikers, especially, the Team NordicSkiRacer "King of the Hills" road bike ride every Wednesday night.

Map of bike trail closure area (in red):

Map of the Kensington Hike-Bike trail repaving project for June 23-27, 2014.

Kensington Metropark repaving project on the hike-bike-rollerski path