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Train hard, gain a second. Train easy, gain 15 seconds

Fri, Jun  24, 2016 - By Mike Muha


As Noah Hoffman said of his coaches rational for training downhills: “We can train a lot harder, and put in a ton more time, and if it doesn’t make us all over-trained we may be a couple of seconds faster going up the Murderbaken hill in Falun at the World Championships next season. Or, we could spend a couple of quality training sessions working on our downhill technique and gain as many as 15 easy seconds down the back of Murderbaken.” So, today was our first action upon that goal. We skied giant slalom gates made of cones.


July 29, 2013: Under 16 National Camp in Marquette, MI


Here’s a short video from Matt Whitcomb of some of Noah Hoffman's teammates doing the drills.