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xczonetv posts 200 videos on YouTube

Thu, Sep  4, 2014 - By Mike Muha

Looking for something to do on a rainy day? xczonetv has posted over 200 profesionally videos on YouTube. Video topics range from acrobatic cross country skiing, ski technique, even how to fall on skis. (There are also other videos on other aerboic sports). Says Bruce Jefferies, Executive Director of Cross Country Canada,

"Cross-Country Canada enthusiastically endorses XCZONE.TV as a key resource for beginning and experienced skiers or coaches looking for clear, correct and easily-understood guidance for improving their skiing technique. As the National Ski Team coaches collaborated on the technical narrative, we can confirm that the theory and practice ... are carefully aligned with current and evolving doctrine." -

The company is known for both its videos that start out on old-time gear and break out into modern ski technique and for videos that are simply fun:

xcskizone old-timey skiing


Here's an example video, "Fundamentals of Cross Country Ski Technique":

Other great xc ski videos include:

Here's the official announcement by David McMahon and Lise Meloche:

xczonetv has just released our entire library of over 200 videos onto our Youtube TV channel for you to watch or download for free. This includes all our best selling DVDs on training, trail running, and cross-country skiing. Enjoy!  Feel free to tell skiers the good news.

xczonetv also has many other videos for sale in their online store.

So head over to YouTube to learn technique or just have a good time, or head over to their store!

Learning how to v2 or one-skate by xcskzone (cross country skiing)

[Update 9/5/2014 12:14pm: David and Lise enabled embedding on all videos so I was able to add an example. I also added links to some of the nicer videos.]