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Northug gets jail time, pays big fine, loses license for drunk driving

Mon, Oct  13, 2014 - By Mike Muha

Norwegian cross country skiing superstar Peter Northug pleaded guilty to several charges related to his drinking-related crash of his Audi back on May 3. He was sentenced to 50 days in jail, fined about $30,000, and banned from driving for a least five years.

There's some question about whether he'll need to serve his sentence immediately or will be allowed to wait until after the cross country ski racing season has finished.

The best article on the topic is by Nina Berglund at

Northug was driving at twice the speed limit when he crashed his car. With blood alcohol several times over the legal limit, Northug left his injured companion and wandered away from his car. Found at home - still drunk - by police, Northug first tried to blame his companion, but later admitted to being the driver.

At trial Northug confessed to all charges, which may have helped him get less jail time than the prosecution demanded.

Northug has won 18 World Cup events and a bronze, a silver and two gold Olympic medals.