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Ski Fest a warm 62 degrees

Thu, Oct  30, 2014 - By Curt Peterson

Skiers enjoyed a 62 deg sunny day to race. Overall winners were Steve Smigiel Jr. and Heidi Schwab. Particularly noteworthy was the performance of Ryan Durand, age 12 who finished 3rd overall besting the times of many seasoned Michigan Cup racers.

Michigan Cup skiers received a point for participation.

Results below....

Nordic Ski Fest cross country skier

Heidi Schwab

Nordic Fest Vasa Ski Club Race Oct. 25th at Brick Wheels Results
Steve Smigiel Jr 19.13 GRNST  
Ian Durand 19.53 VSC  
Ryan Durand 20.59 VSC 12 years old and 3rd overall
Milan Biac 20.67 VSC  
Yensen Schwab 21.12 VSC  
Cliff Onthank 21.29 VSC  
Glenn Goodman 21.95 VSC  
Andrew Dyke 22.46 VSC  
Curt Peterson 22.70 VSC  
Chris Weingartz 22.92 SS  
Heidi Schwab 23.50 VSC Top women skier
Alex Vanias 23.73 VSC  
Emma Schwab 23.99 VSC  
Robin Luce 24.19 HH  
Tjorn Legmeat (aka Don Camp) 24.23 GRNST  
Andy Rockwood 24.26 VSC  
Tom Sutter 25.02 VSC  
Steve Smigiel Sr. 25.39 GRNST  
Randy Smith 26.30 VSC  
Griffin Schwab 27.31 VSC 8 yr old and flying
Gabe Wright 27.35 SS  
Brian Carps 29.19    
Mariah Frye Colie 29.74 CCSH  
Gary Faria 30.98    
Stuart Colie 31.60    
Abby Olson 33.42   Age 12 - 1st time on skate skis
Arianne Olson 35.71   Age 9- 1st time on skate skis

Nordic Ski Fest xc ski skier, Ryan Durand, age 12