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RESULTS: Liebner and Patterson take Cote Dame Marie Loppet

Sun, Jan  18, 2015 - By Mike Muha

It was good skiing at the Cote Dame Marie Ski Loppet at Hanson Hills Recreation Area in Grayling, MI. About 20F at the start with low winds, the temperature slow rose during the race. 173 racer participated.

Straits Striders Andy Liebner held off Alex Vanias to win the 26.4k men's freestyle , 1:10:42 to 1:10:44. Daniel Yankus took third in 1:13:41.

Kaitlyn Patterson took her second freestyle win of the season (she won the Frosty Freestyle the previous week), finishing the 13.3k women's freestyle in 43:20. Rebecca Davis and Mariah Colie were second and third in 44:43 and 46:02.

In the junior 7.5k class, Clay Darling was first in 22:57, followed by Ian Durand (23:12) and Keefer Edwards (23:12). Heidi Schwab was the top girl in 26:46, followed by Kelly Peregrine (28:07) and Emma Schwab (28:46).

Among the 7.5k Citizen Racers skate class, Yensen Schwab took first in 28:08. Duane Amato and Fred Arnold were second and third in 32:18 and 32:45. Ann Armstrong, Kimberly Kelley, and Mary Clulo were first, second and third for the skating women, with times of 45:22, 45:59, and 46:05.

In the Citizens 7.5k classic division, Bruce Barton was the top mail in 33:48, followed by Chris Jones and Frank Treadwell in 38:36 and 38:55. Roxanne Barton was the top women in 38:18, followed by Becca Beebe and Julie Olson in 48:08 and 51:29.

Justin Andra says, "Thanks to all who participated. And a huge thanks to our groomers Butch and Mike Stockton, along with all the Volunteers and SPONSORS that helped to make this race happen!"