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Michigan Cup: Durand and Darling tied; Vanais and Yankus tied

Sun, Feb  22, 2015 - By Mike Muha

Ken Dawson has just released the Michigan Cup individual standings to date (PDF) through the Vasa, but excluding the Noque and Gran Travers.

Ian Durand and Clay Darling are tied for first place in the Junior Men's division of the Michigan Cup, each having won and placed second to each other in two races. Keefer Edwards is in third

Heidi Schwab is the top Junior Girl to date, ahead of Kelly Peregrine and Emma Schwab.

In the Senior Men's competition, it's again a real competition, with Alex Vanias and Dan Yankus tied at 994 points, with Milan Baic, just two points off.

Katilyn Patterson leads the senior women, with Rebecca Davis and Erica O'Hearn in second and third.