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Ashlee Baracy heads to Huron Meadow Park to learn the art of skating on skis.

Sat, Apr  4, 2015 - By Mike Muha

Local 4 TV "Click on Detroit's" Ashlee Baracy headed to Huron Meadow Park to learn the art of skating on skis this past March. Mark Irish and Ken Roth were on hand to talk about Huron Meadows trails and snowmaking, and to give Ashlee a lesson on how to skate on skis.

The live broadcast was on March 10. It was originally schedule early, but subzero temperatures caused the event to be postponed (Not good for a TV 4 personality to to be out in the cold when the TV 4 weatherman is saying, "Stay out of the cold!").

Video and transcript:

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Rhonda: You can get your last fill of winter activities and you're not out there freezing. A park in southeast Michigan that makes its own snow for the ski trail. Although there's plenty of snow pack there at Huron Meadows park. Ashlee has been out there all morning. What do you have for us this time around?

Ashlee: We're here at meadows metro park out here in the Brighton area. When I was sky indicating, it was freezing cold. Never again in that kind of weather, maybe when it's warmer. But I would do this skiing in this kind of weather. I have Mark Irish here and we have Ken Roth behind us. What is he doing?

Mark: Skate skiing. Which will get more speed out of the same snow.

Ashlee: It looks more challenging because you're not in the grooves.

Mark: It's all your muscles making it move, a lot more balance required, a different ski, a different pole.

Ashlee: And do you think I'm capable of doing it?

Mark: I think you can, you picked up the diagonal stroke pretty quick.

Ashlee: C'mon out here. Even though we're enjoying the 50-degree temperatures, there is time to take advantage of the winter sports.

Mark: Being here in Michigan, you get the cold temperatures. Our motto is get out and play! So even if it's super cold, come out and play. Even if it warms up, we'll have snow here.

Ashlee: We're in the 40s. And we go down to the freezing mark at night.

Mark: So as long as we're in the freezing temperatures at night -- then we can regroom and ready to go again in the morning.

Ashlee: How long does your facility stay open compared to other areas?

Mark: We stay open until at least April. The weather is a big indicator as to whether we can or cannot do that. But we'll try to stay open.

Ashlee: Where are you located and what are the hours?

Mark: 8:00 to 7:00, and the hours at the ski rental a 9:00 to 5:00. We're right off lee road in Brighton and US-23.

Ashlee: Fantastic! So there you see it. Ken has been ski skating, skate money last year, suh would have signed then. It's 6:35 and finally warming up here in metro Detroit just in time for you to head outside and enjoy the last bit of winter without going outside and freezing.


Rhonda: The season has been tough because it's so cold to enjoy the winter pastimes. So we have a great place to check out very soon. Ashlee Baracy is at Huron Meadows Metropark doing skiing this morning. Ashlee?

Ashlee: Good morning! I think I got the cross-country skiing down. This is more challenging, although Ken will stay it's not, it is. We're talking about skate skiing. Show me how this is done.

Ken: This is cross-country skiing and we're not using the tracks, we're using a motion like you would on ice, go out and ski but use a skating motion and use our arms to help us move forward. And it's really easy. You just let the propulsion going from side to side carry you forward, so you don't have to do the walking motion like in skating.

Ashlee: I wish I could get the stop down like you have.

Ken: You're doing great. You just started this morning.

Ashlee: Well, thank you! I'm totally at the beginner level. I'll go out here a little bit.

Ashlee: It's like skating on ice but you're on a foot and a half pack of snow here at Huron Meadows Metropark. He makes it look easy. I took a spill when we weren't on camera, but I'm human, but you didn't see me so Brandon can't tease me. So if you think next winter you'd like to learn, they're thinking about starting lessons.

Ken: You can take advantage of what we have to offer because you're still open for a few more weeks. We'll be open here at the metro park probably until the end of march. We have a great combination of manmade snow and natural snow. We're standing on two feet of packed snow.

Ashlee: And can you rent these, as well?

Ken: You can. The skate skis, the boots, the poles, they're all available for rent here.

Ashlee: This is a family fun activity?

Ken: Absolutely. People come out with their kids as young as 2 years old and sometimes pull them behind them. It's a great activity for the winter.

Rhonda: It's a "Ashlee's adventures" winter activity even in the 50-degree weather. You've gotta love it! Rhonda: absolutely. It looks so fun!

Evrod: I have to try that one.