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Groomer Appreciation Party and Ski Swap at Huron Meadows, April 11

Sun, Apr  5, 2015 - By Ken Roth

Skking has drawn to a close. The loop of man made snow at Huron Meadows held up incredibly well, especially, given the unusually warm conditions. But it is finely gone.

Cross Country Skiing on Huron Meadows trails

There’s no better way to transition into spring activities than to join folks at the Meadow’s clubhouse on April 11th, for our annual end of season groomer appreciation, ski swap, pass out money party.

That’s a lot of ground to cover for one party, but we get the job done. Everyone’s invited. No need to be on a team, or club member. We’ll even let Downstaters who are on up North teams in the door!

Here’s the format:

  • We’ll provide the basics, some food, some drink, some paper products, but we’ll definitely need help.
  • Activates begin April 11th at 11:30 at Huron Meadows Metropark Clubhouse.
  • We request a donation of $7 per person. Or bring a dish to pass, food or beverage (non alcoholic) to share, and we’ll waive the $7. Bring food and give us $7 and we’ll be really happy! Any money collected beyond covering our costs goes straight to the ski fund.
  • Bring old ski gear, wax, sports related equipment to sell or trade. Really, how many 20 year old skis do you need?
  • Donations to be presented by the Frosty Freestyle race committee and the Washtenaw Ski Touring Club.
  • Please don’t bring any alcohol into the clubhouse.

There’s a Facebook page to provide updates. If you’ve got something to sell or trade, post a picture and let the world see:

This is our one and only chance to show our support of the ski program to the Metroparks. Large turnouts definitely get noticed. Low turnouts don’t help the cause. So come out, see people you ski with wearing regular clothes, tell some good stories, and get ready to roller ski.


Studies have shown that if you skied at Huron Meadows this year, and don’t come to the party, you have a 65% higher chance of breaking a pole while skiing, and a 38% higher chance of using the wrong wax on race day! Why take the chance, come on out.

Skating on Huron Meadows xc ski trails


Making man-made snow for Huron Meadows cross country ski trails


Kids cross country skiing at Huron Meadows Metropark