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Strength and conditioning with minimal equipment

Mon, Nov  16, 2015 - By Mike Muha

Mike Bond, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at the USSA Center of Excellence presents a great progression of strength and conditioning exercises well suited for traveling on the road or doing at home with little or no equipment. No need for a gym pass! 

Bond strongly recommends you do these exercises in the order presented below. Print this out so you have a copy you can follow. The video of how to properly perform the exercises is at the bottom.

  1. Lunge stretch
  2. Body weight squats
  3. Lunges
  4. Lunge and reach
  5. Lunge and twist
  6. Lateral lunges
  7. Lateral lunge and reach
  8. Reverse lunge
  9. Reverse lunge and reach
  10. Reverse lunge and twist
  11. Squat jumps
  12. Jump rope
  13. Fore-aft mini band walk
  14. Push ups
  15. Lateral skipping
  16. Lateral shuffle
  17. Slalom jumps


You can search Google for mini-bands, or here's a link to buy "Synergee Mini Bands" on (they have glowing reviews). They are very inexpensive.