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Forbush Heikki Lunta Party replaces time trial

Mon, Dec  7, 2015 - By Ann Wagar

Heikki Lunta Party
(aka Hank Snow Party)

Come and join us at Forbush Corner (4971 W Co Rd 612, Frederic, MI, 989-889-1644) on Saturday, December 12th.

Well it looks like our Demo day weekend is going to be green instead of white. So, on December 12th we have decided cancel the 8km time trial and to turn it into a mountain biking, hiking, and running day instead. The best part will be the bonfire and snow dancing! Come help us encourage old man winter to bless us with snow and see what is new at the Corner!

Forbush Corner Season Opener Heikki Lunta Party (aka Hank Snow Party)

There will be no trail fee and we will provide a lunch (by donation to cover the cost of food). If there is interest in a Mountain bike time trial I could set up at least a 10k course. Please email me at if you are interested. If at least ten people are interested I'll set up a course and timing.

9:00 AM - Trails open for hiking, running, and mtn biking
10:30 AM - Timed fun run between 5-7 k (times will be called at finish)
12:00 PM - Lunch provided (donations appreciated)
5:00 PM - Bonfire with s’mores (Heikki Lunta Snow Dances encouraged)

Store-wide discounts of 20% off new apparel/waxes and 10% off ski equipment

Check out the Heikki Lunta song performed by Da Yoopers !!!