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RollerskiShop ships new suspension rollerski

Fri, Dec  11, 2015 - By Mike Muha

Clayton Keim of & Pursuit Rollerskis has designed at proprietary Fork Flex™ rollerski fork that utilizes spring steel to create a smoother ride. The majority of the flex in the new Pursuit Fork Flex™ Rollerski comes from the forks, creating a flatter flex versus concave flex of composite frames on other rollerskis. There are a couple of advantages to this according to Keim:

"You get a smoother ride and snappy feeling with no pivot points to rattle or wear out. Plus aluminum frames provide more durability than composites if you bottom out."

The typical flex for 170 lb skier is 4 mm weighted and up to 10 mm bouncing on the ski. The Pursuit Fork Flex™ Rollerski features a 10 mm drop making top-of-frame to ground a low 50 mm and with a ground clearance of 30 mm.

The standard 620mm wheelbase model is 1,688 grams per pair and come with 100mm wheels and fenders. There is also a longer 670 mm wheelbase model with 105 mm wheels and fenders, and weighs 1,744 grams per pair. Both model can be ordered with an optional pull brake.

Weight distribution simulates the feel of a long snow ski more closely. There is a skier weight limit of 210 lbs (95 kgs).

In my experience, shorter rollerskis are easier to learn on, require slightly less balance, and are easier to steer, while longer rollerskis feel more like snow skis.

The new skis started shipping on December 10, 2015 and are sold exclusively by

Here are some close up pictures:

Pursuit Fork Flex Rollerski

Spring steel forks designed to handle fatigue stress and provide a snappy flex. Spring steel is commonly used in leaf springs.

Pursuit Fork Flex Rollerski

10 mm of drop. Top of frame to ground is 50 mm. 30 mm of ground clearance.

Pursuit Fork Flex Rollerski

Aluminum frame is more durable than composites if you bottom out. Majority of flex comes from the forks creating a flatter flex than composite frames.

Pursuit Fork Flex Rollerski

Flexible fenders won't break off. Overall weight just 1,688 grams per pair with 620 mm wheelbase making this lighter than composite rollerskis.

Pursuit Fork Flex Rollerski

620 and 670 mm wheelbase available. Fenders standard. Only 1,688 g per pair of the 620 mm and 1,744 g per pair of 670 mm. Weight distribution towards the ends and flatter flex makes them feel more like a longer snow ski.