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Michigan Cup to raise money for Michigan Children’s Hospital

Fri, Jan  15, 2016 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

With Ski Season finally under way it is time to focus not just on training but charity and goodwill as well and a great competition.

Last year Becca Beebe spearheaded an effort to raise funds at the White Pine Stampede for the Michigan Children’s Hospital by initiating a Team Competition.

Any and all contributions by your team members above the $5 automatic contribution on the White Pine Stampede count towards a Team’s total contribution to the Michigan Children’s Hospital. The team raising the most money is the winner. They will receive a beautiful wooden bowl to reside with them for one year. It has skiing scenes burned into the wood and is worthy of admiration and much gloating (something all competitors cherish) by the winning team.

XC ski bowl for Michigan Children's Hospital

Team Captains should keep track of team members contributions and provide totals to Becca Beebe at the White Pine Stampede. The winning team will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony at the White Pine Stampede.

Least you feel the money goes to someone we don’t know, long time Michigan Cup skier and multiple Overall Women’s Champion Wendy Blough/Anderson did have need of their services when she delivered twins. The complications were life-threatening. Doctors and staff at Michigan Children’s Hospital pulled them through and they are now Juniors at Bowdoin College in Maine and collegiate swimmers. So your contributions have and will continue to touch home. PLUS they are tax deductible.

The winner of each year’s competition can engrave their name on the bowl and be remembered for eternity or as long as the bowl remains in circulation.

cross country ski bowl