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Mid-Summer Doublepole Technique Check

Fri, Jun  24, 2016 - By Judy Geer

Mid-Summer Doublepole Technique Check

No snow around this time of year—just pavement and the various poling machines. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be working on your technique. And with the growing prevalence and importance of double-poling, this seems like a good area to focus on.

Some general pointers:

  • Keep the work close to your core. Straight arms is not a strong position. Keep a healthy bend in the arm at the start of the pole drive, and then extend it once past the core.
  • The more larger muscle groups you can use, the better. Engage the core early and use it well.
  • Don’t forget to involve the legs. Compress them in the second part of the drive, and then extend (even jump if you like) to get up for the next pole plant.

cross country ski double-pole technique on a SkiErg

How to tell if you’re improving:

  • It’s important to monitor your progress, to confirm that you are indeed improving your technique.
  • Choose a time trial that you can repeat under similar conditions; or use a device like the SkiErg that measures your actual power output and displays it in real time as you work.
  • Test before you start to get a baseline speed; then work on whatever aspect of technique you’re trying to improve; then test again.
  • Take a video of yourself to check and document the “look” of the technical changes that you find to be effective in terms of speed/power output.

Alternatively, here’s a “speed check” method that may work for you:

  • Find a device that gives you constant accurate feedback on your performance. The SkiErg is a good choice.
  • Settle into a steady pace, checking yourself periodically, but not watching the output constantly.
  • Now make a change in technique, settle into pace before looking at the monitor, then look at the monitor and see if you pace has improved.
  • Repeat as desired!

Wishing you effective summer training!