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Presenting the 2017 Michigan Backcountry Ski Series Schedule!

Tue, Nov  29, 2016 - By Jeff Potter

The Michigan Backcountry Ski Series Schedule has been around for over 10 years and includes some of the finest cross-country skiing anywhere. All free of charge. Zero boring terrain.

Challenge your fitness and skills at the Potto Raid; enjoy the scenery, socializing and hill sprints at the Stinchfield Loppet; or come to a ski party unlike any other at Fire'n'Ice.

We present your Mt Biking of skiing, and we welcome you join the fun.


Potto Raid: full tour/race of the expert class 18-mile Potto Mt Bike Trail. 10am, Sunday, Jan 15 (no-snow date 1/22).

Fire'n'Ice: social ski party & teams relay race, all skill-levels (instruction option an hour before). Huron Meadows, 10am, Saturday, Feb 4.

Stinchfield Loppet: no-drop scenic tour of big hills with optional uphill jams with an on-trail picnic followed by a parking lot party. Stinchfield Woods, 10am, Sunday, Feb 19.

Brighton Rec Back 2 Back: a social lap of a 5-mile trail followed by a race lap followed by a parking lot party. Brighton Rec, 10am, Sunday, March 5.

Jordan Jam: ski the unskiable trail, many hours, much skills. Deadman's Hill, 9am, March 11 or 18.

 2017 Michigan Backcountry Ski Series

These ski outings emphasize downstate Michigan, short drives, adventure, epicness, drama, scenic value, trail gorgeousness, technical skiing skills, true classic ski technique, optional freestylin' in the original sense (jumps, turns), partying, picnics, any skis work, beer sponsorship, good food, bonfires, cheapness (free). Our events aren't redundant to anything else out there for hundreds of miles around that we know of. They're worth the drive every time!

And don't worry bout no low-snow: the groomers and the industry get worried but all we need is a frozen base with a lil sumpin sumpin on top. Bases love scratches. Give us Trail Skiers a little slush on top of ice and the party meter goes to 11.

Concerning the open weekends...

Jeff Potter will be hosting Backyard Biathlons in hisyard with bonfire and beverages. We'll be hitting Stinch and the Poto as conditions demand. We'd love to include the Waterloo Epic (36 mile BC trail, expert), and a Chandler Hills Powder Fest (up north highland tele glades). We could even wander over to Yankee Springs sometime if they get a dump and we're dry.

Most weekdays I'm skiing Rose Lake or other nice trails around Okemos. Feel free to join in. Post a comment here.