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Noque shortens race; Mandatory bussing; Start time changes

Thu, Jan  26, 2017 - By UPHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon Race Committee

The UPHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon’s goal is to provide a safe, quality, and fun course for all racers. Due to forces outside of our control (weather, snow conditions, etc.) there have been decisions made regarding course start and finish locations as well as timing. We strongly feel that all changes made allows us to provide an event that adheres to those three conditions (i.e. safe, quality, and fun).

Please note the following changes:

Mandatory Bussing

All Saturday events (50K, 24K, 12K, 15 mile snowshoe) will start at County Road 510 and finish at the Forestville trailhead. Space is extremely limited at both the start and finish areas. Due to these space limitations and the need for access for emergency personnel and equipment (should it ever be needed) bussing will be mandatory to all starts. Bussing will also be mandatory from the finish line at Forestville back to the Superior Dome. Spectators will be able to rejoin their family and friends at the Superior Dome. Parking will be VERY limited at Forestville (the finish line area). For the safety of all participants please avoid these areas if you are not a participant. Adaptive skiers and any helpers should consider driving and parking at Forestville. We cannot guarantee parking however so arrive early. Please inquire at the information table at packet pickup.

Text messaging is available to track skiers/15 mile snowshoers. Family and friends can sign up to receive text notifications at

Course Distance Adjustments

The course adjustments will affect the races in the following manner:

50K (Long Race Length) = 31K
24K (Half Noque Length) = 23k
12k Race Length = 14k

Start Time Changes

Start times have been updated on the schedule page and will be provided in other locations as well. Start times are as follows below:

6:00 am – 9:00pm: Superior Dome open
7:00 am: Busing to start lines begins.
8:30 am: 50K(31K) Classic Touring
9:00 am: 50K(31K) Classic Elite Wave 1
9:10 am: 50K(31K) Classic Wave 2
9:20 am: 50K(31K) Classic Wave 3
9:30 am: 50K(31K) Classic Wave 4
9:55 am: 50K (31K)Freestyle Wave 1
10:05 am: 50K(31K) Freestyle Wave 2
10:15 am: 50K (31K)Freestyle Wave 3
10:25 am: 50K (31K)Freestyle Wave 4
10:35 am: 50K (31K)Freestyle Wave 5
11:00 am: 50K (31K) Relay Wave (Freestyle and Classic skiers leave together)
11:45 am: 24K(23K) Classic Wave 1
11:55 am: 24K(23K) Classic Wave 212:05 pm: 24K(23K) Classic Wave 3
12:15 pm: 24K(23K) Classic Wave 4
12:30 pm: 24K(23K) Freestyle Wave 1
12:40 pm: 24K(23K) Freestyle Wave 2
12:50 pm: 24K(23K) Freestyle Wave 3
1:00 pm: 24K (23K)Freestyle Wave 4
1:02 pm: 15 (14.3 Mile) Mile Snowshoe Wave
2:00 pm: 12K (14K) Freestyle
2:10 pm: 12K (14K) Classic
3:00 pm: Adaptive (Start and Finish at Forestville)
5:00 pm: Expected start time of awards ceremony at the Superior Dome (may be delayed 30 minutes or so depending on how people finish and clear the course).

Race distances have been extended utilizing the Forestville trail system which has held very good conditions throughout the long period of unseasonable warm weather. Skiers will find the courses beautiful, challenging, and of course equally enjoyable. The 12K skiers will need to go an additional 2K due to the ski trails being used and will go at the end (this is a big change for this group).

Based on feedback from multiple sources the 50K relay teams will start together in their own wave and follow the shorter (23K) course. Times will be added! Set time will be provided at packet pickup. Thanks everyone for your insights on making that a safe, quality, and fun event!

The 50K racers (now 31K) will ski the Mead Hills Bypass first like the 24K (now 23K) skiers then head back up the Mead Hills and then loop through the Mead Hills Bypass to the finish. The 24K racers (now 23K) will ski the Mead Hills Bypass down only once as normal. We will have people stationed there, signage, and many verbal commands.

More course and event details will be provided to each participant at the Friday packet pickup/ski Expo at the Superior Dome. E-mail information will be provided to pre-registered participants. There will be a table with information. We’ll see you there!

We really believe these changes take advantage of the areas where course conditions are of high quality and that despite course changes and distance changes the event will be a really quality experience. Thank you for your commitment to this event and our area.

Please note that as is stated on the registration site (and as is common with ski events across the country) there are no registration refunds or deferrals. Again, thank you for your commitment to this event and our area. We can’t wait to have you here skiing/snowshoeing with us!


– UPHS Noquemanon Ski Marathon Race Committee