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Waxing recommendations: Noquemanon Ski Marathon!

Fri, Jan  27, 2017 - By Mike Muha

Wax recommendations for upcoming races!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Noquemanon Ski Marathon, Marquette, MI

Check the news and trail reports for latest conditions! The Noque has been shortened because of challenging snow conditions!

Waxing Recommendation:

After consulting with people who know the course and the snow here is my Solda Wax forecast:

Base: Start with a layer of Solda HC28 scraped and brushed. Then apply a layer of Solda S30 cold powder. Scrape this carefully while it is still warm. Then brush.
Paraffin: If you have Solda F40 Violet special, apply a layer of that. Two layers can increase durability, but the S30 does that too. Then cover the F40 Violet Special with Solda F40 Red Special. Scrape and brush.
Powder: Apply Solda HP05. This being a classic race the later waves will be skiing in mostly transformed snow. If you are skiing in the elite wave and there is considerable new snow. consider using Solda HP04 powder.
Top: Crayon a layer of Powerjet 4 on the skis. Iron it in using a layer of fiberlene between the iron and the ski base. When cool brush it out with a nylon brush and polish with felt pad.

Kick Wax: In these conditions I have had very good luck with Rex Powergrip Violet. Using a heat source get the end of the wax warm and touch it lightly to the base. Then repeat until the normal klister zone is covered. Heat the Powergrip and smooth it with your thumb. If there is new snow in the track cover the power grip with a layer of Rode Super Extra. Cork lightly and be sure all the Powergrip is covered.