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Is an out-and-back Birkie possible this year?

Thu, Feb  16, 2017 - By Mike Muha

It's warm. It's getting warmer. With over a week left before the start of the American Birkebeiner and several days in the 40's to near 50, the weather is on everyone's mind? Will there be enough snow to hold the race? Will the course change? Will new snow come?

No one has speculated more than The Birkie Guide ("Ari's Unofficial Guide to the Birkie"). Says the guide,

"Right now, depending on which model you trust, we’re looking at four or five days in the 40s, potentially topping 50˚ on one or two. The saving grace may be that it won’t rain..." but "various models have hinted at a snow storm at the end of this warm period the Thursday or Friday before the Birkie."

The Guide also speculates that the race could be run as an out-and-back race, because there's much more snow between Cable and OO than between OO and Hayward: "The new Classic trail gives the option of turning the race back at OO and finishing it in Cable.." 

So what will really happen? Read the full article at