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Vasa still leads MI Cup; Sam Holmes wins Senior Men's division

Fri, Mar  3, 2017 - By Mike Muha

It the last weekend of racing for individual Michigan Cup points! This is your last chance to move up in the standings. If you don't race, you'll probably move down, since someone else will be getting the points you give up!

See your Michigan Cup Individual Points as of the Hanson Hills Classic (PDF).

Junior Standings

Elliot Smith currently leads the Junior Men with 802 points, followed by Ted Roe with 692 and Andrew Amato with 614 points. All are from the Vasa Ski Club. Dana Pflugheoft (Vasa Ski Club) leads the Junior Women with 856 points, followed by Emma Schwab and Kelly Klettner (Vasa Ski Club) with 768 and 720 points.

Senior Standings

Rebecca Davis of Hanson Hills / Cross Country Ski Shop continues to narrowly lead the Senior Women with 996 points. But Grand Rapids Nordics's Jordyn Ross is only 4 points behind with 992.Cross Country Ski Headquarters' Cheryl Darnton rounds out the top three with 960 points.

Sam Holmes (Vasa Ski Club) leads the Senior Men with maximum points: Having won five races for 200 points each, and with your top five races counting for Michigan Cup points, he has 1,000 points and he has locked up the Senior Men's title. Even if second place Jay Woodbeck of Team NordicSkiRacer won both races this weekend, this current point total of 997 would only rise to 999 points. Cross Country Ski Headquarters' Ryan Harris, in third place with 984 points, could theoretically finish the weekend with 999 points, but no more. So it's a battle for second place this weekend! 

Team Standings

Vasa still leads the overall competition. This weekend's points, and next weekend's Michigan Cup Relays might change things up...

  1. Vasa Ski Club- 29,549 
  2. Cross Country Ski Headquarters - 24,686 
  3. Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team - 22,173 
  4. Hanson Hills / Cross Country Ski Shop - 20,066 
  5. Team NordicSkiRacer - 14,608 
  6. University of Michigan Ski Club - 10,575 
  7. Straits Striders - 4,545