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Rebecca Davis and Sam Holmes win Michigan Cup titles

Fri, Mar  10, 2017 - By Mike Muha

The final tally for the senior division is in, with all individual point races complete! As stated earlier, Vasa's Sam Holmes takes the men's championship with 1,000 points. Jay Woodbeck of Team NordicSkiRacer takes second with 997 points, and Ryan Harris of the Cross Country Ski Headquarters takes third with 991 points.

Rebecca Davis (Hanson Hills / Cross Country Ski Shop) wins the women's title. Although both Davis and second place finisher Jordyn Ross (Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team) had the same points (996), Davis beat Ross two out of three times in head-to-head racing, giving her the title. Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shops Tracy Hardin wasn't far behind, taking third with 964 points.

The juniors still have one race to go, the Muffin Race next weekend (here's to the snow staying around!). As of today, Same Elliot, Ted Row and Andrew Amato (all from the Vasa Ski Club) lead the men's standings with 884, 796, and 688 points. Dana Pflugheoft and Kelly Klettner lead the women with 856 and 848 points, with Abigail Jean and Arielle Jean tied for third with 776 points, although Abigail has one additional win over Arielle so take third if racing were done.