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New Madshus Redline Intelligrip ski and MOVE binding system

Mon, Jan  29, 2018 - By Madshus

With the new Madshus Redline Intelligrip ski and MOVE binding system, the skier can adjust grip and glide on the skin ski by moving the binding backward and forward on the binding plate without taking the skis off.

While Rottefella bindings have been movable since the launch of the NIS system more than 10 years ago, the new MOVE concept adds a whole new dimension to adjustable bindings.

Madshus  Redline Intelligrip with MOVE binding system

“Now the skier can adjust the grip and glide on their skis on the course to match the terrain and changing snow conditions,” says Per Wiik, Global Marketing Director at Madshus.

“For instance, if you are skiing a course, whether in a race or just touring, you can move the binding forward for better grip on long climbs, then once you get to the top, you move the binding backwards for better glide on long descents and for double-pole sections, then forwards again for the next sustained hill, all without ever taking your skis or even gloves off,” Wiik explains.

The MOVE binding is a part of the new NIS system from Rottefella, and consists of a dial on the front of the Rottefella Pro Classic binding and a new NIS plate that is pre-mounted on the ski. Using the dial, the binding can be moved into four different positions on the plate for a total of 48mm, which significantly changes the properties of the ski from one end to the other.

Madshus Redline Intelligrip ski and MOVE binding system

The new binding system is built on an all new NIS integrated binding plate, which lets users adjust the binding forward and backward by turning the dial. 

The MOVE binding system is based on a brand new NIS plate, but the MOVE dial system can be added to the Rottefella Pro Classic binding, and for the 2018-19 season and onward, the MOVE system will work with with all NIS-compatible bindings. The MOVE system is approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS) and is legal to use in all sanctioned competitions.

A limited prelaunch of the new Redline Intelligrip skin skis will be available with the new MOVE system now through selected retailers.