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Michigan Cup standings through the Noque

Wed, Feb  7, 2018 - By Ken Dawson

Well, got back from World Masters and WOW are the Michigan Cup skiers impressive. I always wondered how our say top 100 Michigan Cup skiers would stack up to the likes of Minnesota, Wisconsin or any other major Nordic friendly state. I can tell you from the results of the WMC that our skiers would have kicked ass on a point system of results. Here I am competing with the worlds best and on my first race it is Don Camp, Ken, and Denny Polzin seconds apart and 9, 10, 11 overall. In the 10k Classic I skied neck and neck with Bill Brundage for honor of top US skier. I won by having a little faster ski and used the twin skins on a sketchy day. Made the relay team with Don Camp which was very special. Denny Paul kicked ass as did Tom Sutter, Tracy Hardin had a great 30K classic, Milan, Denny and Tom Sutter won Gold, Gold and Silver in the relays. Don and I finished 4th against a strong European team. We were 3 minutes behind the winners and 9 minutes ahead of the 5th place team. So many other great finishes and results from our competitive group.

Got back home and updated rosters and results through the Noque. I did not do team points yet but should do that shortly, and add the White Pine Stampede. Attached are the current results (PDF).