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New 24 hour World Record set!

Wed, Apr  18, 2018 - By Mike Muha

Two Finnish skiers broke the record for the the most kilometers skied in 24 hours. Starting at 9:00am Central European Time on April 12, Hans Mäenpää skied 472.0002 kilometers for the men's record. Anni Angeria set a new female world record with 375.564 kilometers, breaking the previous women's record of 333 kilometers. Both skiers race the Visma Ski Classics race circuit.

Teemu Virtanen is the current holder of the Guinness World Record of “Greatest distance in 24 hours of Nordic skiing” (433.459 kilometers) set in 2010, even though Sweden’s Erik Wickström broke that record in 2016 (438.575 kilometers). However, due to the fact the entire 24 hours of skiing was not filmed, Wickström’s result was eventually not accepted by the Guinness World Records, and he was granted an unofficial world record.

The world record attempt was set up by previous world record holder Teemu Virtanen of Finland. Virtanen challenged Mäenpää and Norwegian skier Daniel Strand to the showdown. Unfortunately, Teemu withdrew after about 7 hours and 140km. Strand continued for about 13 hours. After 20 hours of skiing, with only 4 hours left, Mäenpää was the only one male skier left in the challenge.

The men chose to doublepole; Angeria skated.

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