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Liebner autumn coaching program begins August 1

Thu, Jul  12, 2018 - By Andy Liebner

Andy Liebner's Personalized Coaching Program
New for MAY 2018 - April 2019

You've missed summer coaching, but fall coaching starts August 1!

Mission: Provide the necessary tools for self motivation and improvement.
Goal: To help each individual achieve their goals.
Scope: Follow a structured day-to-day plan designed for improving in the sport of Cross Country Skiing based on the goals outlined
Coach: Andy Liebner

$150 Summer 01 MAY - 31 JULY Entire year commitment not necessary;
buy only the seasons you would like coaching
$350 Autumn 01 AUG - 30 NOV
$500 Winter / Spring 01 DEC - 29 APR
$1,000 Yearly Total  

Year-round training / coaching is absolutely necessary for progression improvements.

Items offered in this program:

  1. Establish a baseline of the physical and psychological.
  2. Goal setting – short and long. Ensuring they are achievable.
  3. Day-to-day training custom to you specifically ensuring you are challenged and adapting with adequate rest.
  4. Introducing fresh training exercises for endurance, balance/ skill, and strength etc.
  5. Review and feedback from training recording data. [i.e., Strava, Training Peaks etc.]
  6. Re-evaluating goals and adapting the plan when necessary.
  7. One Monthly phone consultation.
  8. Unlimited email questions.
  9. Unlimited email video analysis by email for technique review and feedback.
  10. Free admission to on-site clinics by Andy when present at MI Cup events or self organized.

Contact: Email Andy today for questions, payment address, examples of training and strength plan and to receive goal setting / review sheet.