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XCHQ Top Team in 2007 Michigan Cup Series

Mon, Mar  19, 2007 - By Mike Muha

Not only did the Cross Country Ski Headquarters win the Michigan Cup Relays, they also took home the big prize for the year: the Michigan Cup Trophy. The Headquarters narrowly defeated Team 30,384 points to 29,413. It took the relays - for the third time in row - to determine the Michigan's top team.

The Strait Striders overtook Grand Rapids Nordic for 3rd place. The newly rejuvenated Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop team come in fifth, with Traverse Nordic and Ohio Nordic rounding out the standings.

Says Mr. XCHQ, Bob Frye, "Thanks to all 50 teams who turned out for one of the largest Michigan Cup Relays ever. Thanks also to all the volunteers who helped make the day a great memory. Thanks to Frank Rynakski and his fellow team members for their endless work, organizing, recruiting and leading the Cross Country Ski Headquarters Team to not only a victory at the Relays but in winning the 2007 Michigan Cup! Way to go team! You have brought the Cup back home!"

Rank Team Name Individual
1 Cross Country Ski Headquarters 26,148 4,236 30,384
2 NordicSkiRacer 25,838 3,585 29,413
3 Strait Striders 20,801 1,375 22,176
4 Grand Rapid Nordic Ski Team 19,521 1,449 20,970
5 Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop 19,281 1,455 20,736
6 Traverse Nordic Ski Club 16,834 300 17,134
7 Ohio Nordic 4,250 0 4,250