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Photos Available from the National Junior Olympics

Wed, Mar  21, 2007 - By Mark Nadell

I have made available a gallery of photos of athletes from around the country from the recent Junior Olympics at Soldier Hollow, Utah. These photo prints are available for purchase by all families and friends (and coaches) of the athletes who worked so hard at the events last week.

The website from which they are available is:

After taking a few thousand images of these skiers while helping to coach the Far West Nordic team, I found out that the contracted event photographer for JO’s 2007 didn’t follow through, and that there was no way for athletes and families to have a photographic record of their efforts. I realized that I had hundreds of great photos that many folks around the country would probably like to acquire. Many of these photos are not your typical, boring “Event Photography” images, but try to capture the emotion and effort that these young athletes brought to this national competition.

It was not our original intention to publish these photos, or to try to sell them, but because there was no official event photographer, we felt that it would be a great service to make them available, and we received the OK from the Soldier Hollow organizers. We have set the price for the prints significantly under the suggested retail, and much cheaper than would be found from a traditional photographer (even though we think ours are better :-).

Each race from the week is set up as separate categories, and the photos are ordered alphabetically by last name throughout each race gallery.

Thanks VERY much,


Mark Nadell
Far West Nordic Administrator