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Michigan Cup Committee Pre-Season Meeting Minutes

Sat, Nov  20, 2004

The Michigan Cup Meeting was held at Bob Frye’s House on August 8, 2004.  In attendance were Ernie Brumbaugh-GRNST, Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh-GRNST, Dick Fultz-CCSS, Mike Tarnow-TNSC, Frank Rynalski-CCSH, Marv Mendyk-SS, Bob Frye-CCHQ, Mike Muha-NSR, and Wendy Anderson-CCHQ.

My apologies for the lateness in getting out the minutes. 

First things first, The Cross Country Ski Headquarters is to congratulated on a stellar season in which they captured their first Michigan Cup title.

Action Items are as follows:

1. Relay scoring will remain the same for this year.  Relay scoring system will be included in the Michigan Cup brochure. There are three classes, Male, Female and Mixed.  There are also 3 Age groups – Combined age 59 and under, 60-149 and 150 and over.  Teams received points in each category as follows:  1st = 600, then down by 60 until 10th at 60 points.  Skiers from different teams may ski together and each skier receives 1/3 of the team points for their team.  Passed Unanimous.

2. Classic Races will be encouraged to have a sign off sheet at registration stating that Michigan Cup skiers will abide by the Michigan Cup rules of Classic Skiing.  It is also suggested that races have the option to disqualify racers if 2 or more people turn in an offending skier.  As the Michigan Cup not putting on the race, this is optional to the race organizer.  Teams are encouraged to ask team members to comply with the Classic rules which are posted on the Michigan Cup website.  If this is a problem then we need to correct it ourselves and not add extra burdens to race organizers.   Passed Unanimous.

3. A Junior Development Michigan Cup will be instituted this year for Skiers 12 and Under.  This is a participation series.  Skiers can earn 5 points per race in which they participate.  The Series will be sponsored by Rugged Elegance Adventure * Tours, who will donate a traveling cup.  Skiers will count for Michigan Cup points and be listed in the final results.  These points can also count for Team Points, however, only a total of 30 skiers (12 and Under and/or 13 and over) may be scored by each Team.  Races that count will be Bill Koch aged races of less than 3K run at regular Michigan Cup races.  Wendy Anderson is in charge of this program. 

4. Crimson Ridge in the Soo and Crystal Mountain have offered to be backup race sites in case of cancellations.  If cancellation is imminent, races must do so two (2) days before to allow time to move the race to a backup site.  Passed Unanimously.

5. Cross-Country Ski Headquarters will include Sprints the day after the Relays.  The sprints will be on the World Cup format on a trial basis.  The Sprints will not count for points this year.