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Final Words of the Week on the Double Push

Fri, Apr  13, 2007 - By Thomas Stöggl

The Double-Push in Speedskating was a big break-through and seems to be faster and even more economical. Owing to the fact that I am additionally to Sprint XC-skier also speedskater in summer, my idea was to transfer this technique into XC-skiing.

However, as described in my paper, with skis it is not possible to change the direction of the ski when it is set, compared to inlineskating where it is possible. Hence in order to manage two "pushes" in one, push you have to jump it in order to change the direction of the skis. So instead of just gliding in the first phase, you have to set the ski slightly inward and push off inward, then you have to jump and replace the ski in outward direction and perform the conventional second push-off.

The technique might be just applicable at start, finish-spurt and moderate uphills were you normally change to paddling.