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NMU Ski Team Honored at Reception

Fri, Apr  20, 2007 - By Susan Brian

A reception was held for the NMU Ski Team on Wednesday night in Marquette. Here are the highlights from the event:

Lindsay Weier and Lindsay Williams were presented with co-awards: They received the Female Athlete of the Year for NMU. This is a student based evaluation program.

They also highlighted the NCAA success by Morgan Smyth, Lindsay Weier and Lindsay Williams.  The trio broke NCAA history by having a full podium by the same three athletes for the first time in NCAA history. 

The reception attendees got to watch a DVD that was designed by Phil Violett, NMU Ski Team member.  The DVD captured all of the competitions and the thrilling finishes when they finished 1-2-3.  Sten's reactions were over the top, and exciting moments to witness.

The NCAA's and NMU will be highlighted nationally by CBS Broadcasting on May 5th between 1-3pm.

The Men's NMU Ski team also had much success as many of the men also did well at the NCAA's. All the skier's on the NMU ski team have higher GPA's than any other sport at NMU.  

Limited edition posters were given out with the opportunity to have athletes signatures at the reception.