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New Vasa Kayak Ergometer

Thu, Apr  26, 2007 - By Mike Muha

The marketing blurb:

Perfect practice makes perfect paddling

The Vasa Kayak Ergometer provides excellent simulation and precise measurement of paddling strokes. The paddling action and adjustable airflow resistance delivers a nearly identical feeling to on water paddling. You'll experience a smooth, impact-free sensation throughout the entire paddling range of motion.

Kayak paddling on the Vasa Kayak Ergometer will develop the specific stamina and power required to propel your boat and improve your overall fitness. It's the perfect answer to the challenges we face: training in the off season, time and hassles getting to the water, dealing with foul weather & rough water, lack of daylight, and safety. Now you can conveniently stay in top paddling condition on your own schedule. Plus, it’s a great tool for teaching or learning correct kayak paddling stroke technique.

Top 10 reasons to use the Vasa Kayak Ergometer

    • Improves paddling fitness
    • Increases sustainable paddling stroke power
    • Builds paddling specific endurance
    • Develops proper stroke technique
    • Precise, repeatable measurements for Watts, pace, time, distance, force
    • Analyze strength differences between Right and Left arms
    • Airflow resistance provides excellent simulation of on water paddling
    • Convenient – train indoors anytime regardless of weather
    • Versatile – use the same machine for paddling, swimming, nordic ski poling, fitness and rehab
    • Motivational - Paddling is much more fun if you are fit before your boat hits the water!