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GRNST Member Louise (Elle) Herrick's son, Tyson Herrick, Dies in Accident

Sun, May  6, 2007 - By Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh

More information regarding the funeral arrangements for Tyson Herrick, youngest son of Louise (Elle) Herrick.  Elle is a GRNST member now.  Previously, she and her sons, Johnny and Tyson, used to lived, skied, and chimney sweep.  She also worked at the Cross Country Ski Shop part-time for 4-5 seasons, besides racing for CCSS.  Lately, she has been busy as a criminal attorney in Grand Rapids, besides building a house on the Grand River.  Therefore, she has not been skiing as many races. 
The visitation for Tyson is on Sunday evening and Monday afternoon and evening.  The funeral is on Tuesday morning at:
Beeler Funeral Home
914 W Main St.
Middleville, MI
Phone number: (269) 795-3694
(Not sure on the exact times of day - call funeral home for more information.)
Ernie and I just returned from visiting Elle and her oldest son, Johnny, besides other family and close friends at Elle's River house.  Elle and Johnny are hurting as expected.  Our hearts, love, and prayers go out to Elle, Johnny, and the family during this time of sorrow.
Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh