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More than 3000 doping controls during 2006/2007 season

Sat, May  26, 2007 - By FIS

There were a total of 3086 in- and out-of-competition doping controls carried out in the FIS Olympic disciplines by either FIS or WADA during the 2006/2007 season, including controls performed at the 2007 FIS World Championships.

In total, 2676 in-competition tests were completed, including regular urine tests, urine EPO controls, blood tests, blood human growth hormone and blood transfusion controls. The large majority of in-competition tests, 1890, were blood tests in addition to urine (667) and urine-EPO (119) tests. Among the FIS disciplines, Cross-Country athletes were most often subject to testing as 1973 in-competition tests were performed on them, followed by Nordic Combined with 374 in-competition controls. In the previous season 2006, during which doping testing at the season’s main competition the 2006 Olympic Winter Games fell under the responsibility of the International Olympic Committee, the FIS in-competition testing program included 2278 tests.

Continuing the emphasis on targeted out-of-competition testing, FIS performed as many as 80 out-of-competition tests, including both blood tests and urine (normal screen and/or EPO analysis). In addition, WADA conducted another 330 out-of-competition tests on FIS athletes. WADA’s out-of-competition testing included blood, urine and EPO controls.