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Nikolai Anikin Sr. Diagnosed with Colon Cancer

Mon, Jun  18, 2007 - By Nikolai Anikin Jr

This appeared on the web site. Many Michigan skiers have attended Nikolai's clinics in years past.

June 15th update:

Former Russian national ski team coach and Olympic gold medalist Nikolai Anikin Sr. has been diagnosed with colon cancer. A colonoscopy revealed that stomach pains and pressure were caused by colon cancer blocking the intestinal path. Surgery two days later showed the cancer was advanced. The doctor came out of surgery and said there was not much he could do. He estimated three months of life.

This summer is going to be all about my dad. We will do whatever he wants. Antonina, Nikolai Sr. and I (Jr.) plan to spend a lot of time at our dacha 15 miles outside of Duluth. That is where he wants to be.

We welcome visitors to hang out, sit around a campfire or whatever. If you would like to visit please call 218-724-5606 or email

Send condolences to:

Nikolai Anikin
1619 E. 5th St.
Duluth, MN 55812
Cancer tends to take away appetite and my father has lost significant weight. It has been difficult to get him to eat. So bring something tasty. He and I share our sense of taste and we like sweets. - Nikolai Anikin Jr