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Two Biathletes Banned from Austrian Ski Federation

Mon, Jul  16, 2007 - By SuperExtra

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Former biathletes Wolfgang Rottmann and Wolfgang Perner as well as two coaches banned for life today from the Austrian ski federation (OeSV) for their role in a doping scandal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin.

"The decision was unanimous," said OeSV president Peter Schroecksnadel in a statement, in reference to the OeSV board vote.

Italian police raided the Austrian cross-country ski and biathlon quarters, seizing equipment which can be used for illegal methods and doping.

Perner, Rottmann and others fled Italy and the two biathletes retired from the sport a few days later. The implicated coaches, Walter Mayer and Emil Hoch, also left Italy.

The International Olympic Committee earlier this year banned six athletes for life and fined the Austrian Olympic Committee 1 million dollars over the affair.

The OeSV was also told the clean up the case. Perner and Rottmann were found guilty of blood doping and the two coaches of having tolerated and supported it.