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Junior Biathlon Development Camp: Guys and Girls with Guns


Fri, Jul  20, 2007 - By US Biathlon Association

A group of 10 youth and junior athletes from across the country gathered in Lake Placid for a week long training camp in July with the goal of increasing their knowledge of both shooting and effective training.

The week started out with a shooting workout on the range where athletes had their shooting positions and rifle set-ups checked.  With everyone feeling solid behind their rifles the group went to work on the basics of natural point of aim, trigger control, and follow through. 

The crew on the range

With hot and humid weather over the first few days these young biathletes were given a lot to think about with a hillbounding workout, a threshold workout on rollerskis, along with more shooting. 

Coach Algis Shalna going over some ideas before hillbounding


Athletes Annie Jardin, Keely Levins, and Jasmine Neeno (aka Alaska) hillbounding

Day 3 involved a great hike up to Cascade and Porter mountains in some windy conditions.  After some down time the group gathered in the gym for the first of many high intensity volleyball games. 

Taking full advantage of the facilities at the Olympic Training Center the group was given some guidance on proper weightlifting technique by one of the knowledgeable trainers that are on staff.

The week concluded with a 30 – 30 shooting test and a 2.5 kilometer running time trial.  With lots of new ideas to work with these athletes now head back home to put all they have learned to work for them in their daily training regiments.

The group getting ready for the 2.5k time trial

Living side by side with the best athletes in the country and being immersed in a week of training and learning all about our sport of biathlon, this group can confidently move forward with their growth as athletes.  If they have learned nothing else I hope that they remember these two gems:  get more ranch! and always pick Algis first when playing volleyball.

The athletes from left to right:  Alex Shultz, Ethan Dreissigacker, Mike Gibson, Jake Barton, Evan Moore, Preston Butler, Keely Levins, Jasmine Neeno, Annie Jardin, Tin Tran


Patrick Coffey - Ethan Allen Biathlon Coach