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Kris Freeman at the New Durham Ridge Rollerski Race

Technique Video

Wed, Jul  25, 2007 - By Mike Muha

US Ski Team member Kris Freeman (25:07 mins) and Ilke Van Genechten (36:26 mins) finished first place in their respective fields in the first of the NENSA Summer Rollerski Series races in New Durham NH.

The video was posted on YouTube by NENSA. It's interesting comparing Kris's technique to others in the video. There is some less than pretty technique, so your best best is to search out Kris and watch his technique. Or compare others to Kris.

Things to look for Kris's V2 (Kris is number 5 in the video and is wearing red boots and bike shorts with a red stripe down the side):

1. When in the poling motion does Kris touch the other ski to the ground?

2. Where are his hands in relation to his face?

3. What's his tempo compared to others?

4. Where are his elbows during poling?

5. How far back do his hands go during poling?

6. How much knee bend does he have?

7. Where's his center of gravity?

You will probably need to pause and rewind frequently to get the answers...