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USST Testing Camp Update

Mon, Jul  30, 2007 - By Pat Casey -

Blood, sweat, and tears

10 days of testing camp for the CC Team is over. Wake, eat, train, eat, train, eat, sleep, then repeat...

Training Plan for most of the team:


AM: Arrive/ OFF


PM Arrive/ OFF or recovery jog


AM: Natural INT So Ho Skate 2x10


Run and Strength (1:00)


Classic DP Dist. W/ Speed


(10-20 drop in's with agility course)


PM: OFF or active recovery


Ski Bounding INT VO2 Max


PM: Strength


AM: Skate Roll w. specific strength (2x20 min no pole)




AM: Classic INT L-3 (3x10 Min)


PM: Strength


AM: OD Run



Parker Tyler AM double pole


Lindsay Williams 15 x 6-10sec speed with some pop! Get up for the down stroke...


Agility on one ski for a challenge


Matt Gelso- total focus during the workout. He is always working on something.


Morgan Arritola- looking fast for the speed day


Leif and Liz 'drop-in' speed- serves as an overspeed to train the muscles to go faster than they could go otherwise. The terrain that we use here is a downhill into a 6-10 second flat. Warm-up, 3 sets of 5 speeds with 5 minutes in between sets. Warm-down.


Lindsay Williams doing a Marquette Mountain simulator workout. 4-6 sets of 4minute VO2 Max intervals.


Lindsey Weier Dehlin- Forward and Fast


Leif and Timpanogos Mt. (Timp. for short)


Laura and Timp


The training is not over for the camp, but the testing has started.


Sweat: most afternoons during the 1st week were in the 90 degree range...

Alice Nelson and the CC Team in Weber Canyon


And Tears...

Bird giving it all during his max VO2 test.


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