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Trail Manager/Chief Groomer Operator Needed

Fri, Aug  17, 2007 - By Dave Mayo-Kiely

Swedetown Ski Trails and Calumet Township has an opening for a Trail Manager and Chief Groomer Operator. The employment period for this position is from mid-October through mid-April.

Winter Responsibilities include: Operation of grooming equipment, including snowmobiles and large tracked vehicles; maintaining, repairing and managing the repair of grooming equipment; and coordination with assistant groomers.

During the pre- and post- snow seasons, responsibilities include: Preparation of grooming equipment; brushing, mowing and widening of trails; and management of signs and barriers.

Must be able to work weekends. This opening could be either a full time or part time position. The ideal candidate would be a skier with good mechanic skills. Send resume to:

Copper Island Cross Country Ski Club
P.O. Box 214
Calumet, MI 49913